Welcome to Prompt!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Writing Coach at Prompt. We're a global network of Writing Coaches with a shared commitment to empowering students to find their voice.

We’re also on a mission to make students better writers. This mission guides everything we do — from crafting our actionable, insightful, and generative feedback to meeting students where they are and helping them gain confidence in their writing. We have a passion for a story well told, for unique insights that jump off the page, and for empowering students to share their voices.

We helped thousands of students improve over 45,000 essays during our 2020 admissions season. We're growing fast, and we anticipate that we’ll review up to 100,000 essays during the upcoming 2021 admissions season.

Writing Coaches at Prompt

Writing Coaches are part-time W2 employees with weekly earnings targets and guaranteed monthly income. We offer two payment tiers depending on your availability and commitment:

Option 1: This is the option for our most committed Coaches. You will earn between $18-20k from June to January, with the opportunity for additional work outside of the admissions season. This is the best tier to choose if you have a flexible schedule and can work an average of 20 hours a week.

Option 2: This option works well for Coaches who have a full-time job, are in graduate school, or have other time-intensive commitments. Coaches in this tier will earn between $8-10k from June to January, and they will be expected to work an average of 10 hours a week.

In your application, you will be asked to review this detailed breakdown of our pay structure and time expectations and choose a tier. If hired, you will begin at that option, but if your circumstances change later, you may request to switch tiers.

Important Note: October is our busiest month. Option 1 Coaches will be expected to work around 40 hours a week in October, and Option 2 Coaches will be expected to work around 24 hours a week that month. If you do not anticipate having the availability to fulfill these expectations, please do not apply.

Our Application Process

Being hired for the Writing Coach position involves a two-part application followed by up to 3 online courses and 5 paid essays. If you advance past the two application steps to the test essays, you will be compensated for your time in completing those test essays. However, If you choose to not move forward, you will not receive payment for your test essays. Please do not submit a test essay unless you are seriously interested in moving forward with us.

A few important notes before you begin our application:

  1. We are not a proofreading service. Our work involves providing comprehensive feedback (including brainstorming questions, in-text suggestions, and example outlines) to help students elevate their essays and develop writing skills. For this reason, we prioritize applicants with demonstrated experience in teaching, tutoring, and professional writing/editing. However, we have coaches from many backgrounds beyond writing and education, including STEM.
  2. Prompt requires all of our Writing Coaches to hold an undergraduate degree from a four-year institution. Many of our Writing Coaches also hold graduate degrees, and most have studied literature or writing at the university level. If you do not currently have a completed bachelor's degree or higher, please do not apply this year.
  3. At Prompt, we aim to help students of all backgrounds and abilities achieve their goals. We’re also committed to an inclusive environment among our Writing Coaches and our full-time staff. Being thought leaders in our field is only possible through the diverse and valued perspectives of our team, and we happily welcome applicants of all backgrounds, including gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, and culture.