Welcome to Prompt!

Our mission is to make students better writers.

Prompt is the largest provider of college admissions essay coaching in the world, and we’re hiring! We're looking for Writing Coaches to fill part-time positions with flexible hours, good pay, and an opportunity to help students improve their writing skills.

Our coaches help students gain confidence in their stories and improve their writing in the long term. We have a passion for a story well told, for unique insights that jump off the page, and for empowering students to share their voices.

The Writing Coach Experience

Employment Options to Fit Your Lifestyle

Our Coaches tend to be people with busy lives—maybe you’re a teacher, parent, grad student, or pursuing a career in the arts while working several freelance jobs. We provide three different employment options for you to choose from—each comes with its own monthly stipend, income guarantee, and hourly expectations. When you submit your Prompt application, you’ll be asked to select the option that works best for you and your lifestyle. Click here for more details about our writing coach employment options.

Meaningful Work

Our Writing Coaches provide generative, insightful, and educational written feedback on college admissions materials. In addition to their written feedback, the majority of our Writing Coaches offer one-on-one video calls with students. You will form constructive and impactful relationships with young writers at a pivotal time in their lives, and you will empower them not only to refine their writing skills, but to understand what makes them unique and compelling as college applicants.


We will assign you a number of essays every day based on the employment option you choose and your available hours. But, when, where, and how much you work is up to you (within some general guidelines). All you have to do is complete your assigned essays each day.

Professional Development

Prompt’s writing coaches are the best admissions essay coaches in the world. This is because we offer comprehensive training and ongoing professional development in the forms of one-on-one coaching and collaborative, instructional webinars. You’ll learn from Prompt staff, experienced Prompt Writing Coaches, and your fellow new Coaches.


We offer flexible start dates between July and August, and all of our Coaches work through the beginning of February. After the college admissions season, we have additional work opportunities, including running essay bootcamps for high schools.

Writing Coach Pay

  • Hourly Pay: $25 per hour for new Coaches, with tenure-based raises after your first year
  • Essay Reviews. Written feedback is paid on a per essay basis, meaning you’ll receive a set payment for each review based on the time Prompt expects the review to take—we use data from our hundreds of current and former Writing Coaches to determine the estimated editing time for each review. For example, a first draft of a Common Application Essay has a typical editing time of 48 minutes, so a new coach would earn $20 (0.8 hours X $25 per hour).
  • Video Calls. Students can schedule video calls with you based on your availability. You’ll earn $40 per 50-minute call, including prep and quick follow-up actions.
  • Monthly Stipend. Your stipend covers non-editing work such as professional development and reading/responding to Slack messages or emails.
  • Bootcamps. We run facilitated small group essay bootcamps for high schools and other groups. You’ll have the opportunity to help facilitate and lead these bootcamps.
  • Bonuses. During our peak times (e.g., October), you may be eligible for a bonus program for meeting certain goals.

Prompt’s Application and Paid Evaluation Process

First, you’ll fill out our application—it should take you between 20-30 minutes. There is an optional video component, which we highly recommend completing. Most Writing Coaches hold video calls with students, so we want to see you in action!

Passing applicants are sent a training course and a test essay. Then, we’ll review your test essay and determine whether you’ll advance to the final evaluation round. If you don’t pass your first test essay, we’ll compensate you $40.

The final step is to complete one more course and one more test essay. If you do not pass the second test essay, you’ll receive $80 for your time. If you do, you’ll be invited to make a Prompt account, where your first paycheck—$100—will be waiting for you!

Note: We do not compensate applicants who ask to be removed from consideration or fail to submit a test essay within a reasonable amount of time.

Prompt’s Hiring Practices

At Prompt, we aim to help students of all backgrounds and abilities achieve their goals. We’re also committed to an inclusive environment among our Writing Coaches and our full-time staff. Being thought leaders in our field is only possible through the diverse and valued perspectives of our team, and we happily welcome applicants of all backgrounds, including gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, and culture.